I'm a bum in the making

I’m a bum in the making, I think. Therefore, I am. This tandem is hilarious as hell, and their wit? Piercing! Ouch! (Comic strip published today in the Philippine Daily Inquirer)


Suruy-suroy sa Pantalan

Wala’y lingaw. Tuff, our man from South of France wanted to take videos ’round the city for his video project. Tey and me tagged along.

Sandugo season. There’s a fair, locals usually call ’showcase’ (or shyukis) in the pier. Most people flock to the beer garden, where there’s live entertainment. Nightly shows are also staged with sponsoring organizations.

Even the sea people, the Badjaos from just across the waters, are drawn by the sweet scent of the nightly festive air.

We sipped beer while watching the sun retire behind the mountains.


Simply Amazing

Yes! I’ve finally connected my notebook pc to the internet via Smart’s 3G Internet.

This was really my only hope to have an internet connection at home since cable lines of phone, cable companies don’t reach our place. The only option was go wireless. Hence, this.

I’m so happy, no really,  I don’t even mind the super slow connection and that I’m here outside, at our front yard, just so I could have a 3G signal.

I’m just glad, I’m connected, finally.