Customized GCash Card, Baby!

And it was delivered quite on time, too. My customized GCash Card look quite slick, yeah. The photo is ripped from one of Ryan's bokeh photographs, I even used this in my NY greeting card, couldn't find anything that wouldn't look off when stretched or otherwise manip-ed, and voila!

This MegaLink-powered GCash Card can be used to withdraw cash from any ATM nationwide. The transaction fee is a whopping P20 per withdrawal, though. Good for bigger transactions, not too much for small transfers like mine. But, oh well, at least I don't have to line up at the Globe Business Center.

It's straight to the ATM for me, baby!


Party in the U.S.A.: An All-American American Idol Season 10

It was a party, sure, with all-new judges Steven "Dude Looks Like a Lady" Tyler and Jennifer "Jenny from the Block" Lopez.

The auditions part are easily the best bit in American Idol. It's where the hopes are high, the talent raw and, of course, where the crazies still are. And the atmosphere is very much party-ish, too. Very fitting, that Miley Cyrus ditty, Party in the U.S.A. Hah!

But it's nice to have some kick, too, that acerbic punch that only a British can, or maybe only a Simon Cowell can? IDK. I miss the free lessons on smart, abrasive vocabulary.

Jennifer Lopez is definitely better at this than Paul Abdul, though. I mean, really. Steven Tyler is a whole other genre, a refreshing addition, but no Simon Cowell replacement.

But no matter. I watch American Idol for the singing. And I'm seeing a lot of promising artists this season. But here's hoping they wouldn't disappoint in the finals as in my favorites in the last 3 seasons.


What it takes on this planet to have one’s driver’s license renewed

Lining up at the Land Registration Office (LTO) renewal center before 9AM. Buying a black pen at the bookstore (for the dummies like me who bring a pen everyday and forget it on the day it was needed the most). Filling out 2 forms – one 2-pager for the drug/medical test, one 1-pager for the actual renewal. Handing those in to a lady on a desk on a really narrow hallway. Getting told to sit and wait for your name to be called. Sitting down, waiting for your name to be called, for about 30 minutes. Drinking 500ml of water to actually be able to pee when your turn comes. Holding that peeing sensation when it comes before you’re called. Staring at other waiting patrons. Getting stared right back at.
Getting your name called for the urine sample. Being given the small container for your fresh pee. Peeing on the small container in the ladies’ loo. (There’s a technique to that, too.) Handing the half-full pee container over at the pee counter. Paying P450.00 at the cashier’s. (Receiving no receipt). Getting back to the sitting area to wait out another 30 minutes for the medical test. Hearing the PA explain the system slowdown: As we have to be online with the DOH server now, our system is much, much slower. Please do not compare the processing time from before because it’s changed greatly. Thinking: Like that doesn’t make sense, at all. Reading signs all over: System slowdown due to DOH server. Thinking: like that makes complete sense – not.


Twenty-Eleven? Eleven? That explains... so much.

I'm dusting myself off, and trying again. (With white pants, at that.)

There's prolly some things that I'm giving up, I think. (Yes, even those I've kept for yearz - begone!) Definitely. Yah, for sure. Okay, well, one can't be too sure. But I shall carry on. There's so much that needs to be done. So much energy wasted. So much...

Argh, new beginnings are tough. And pretty deceptive. So I'm gonna stop. Right now. Because I don't really know where this post is headed.