No to Erap Pardon!

This is absurd and quite unacceptable really.

WTF! He’s not yet even imprisoned ‘proper’ and now he gets to go scott-free! Rubbish!

Number 1: The judicial process has not been fully exhausted. There’s still the motion for reconsideration. And then there’s always the Supreme Court. Any talk of pardon is premature. Moot and crapademic.

Number 2: Talk of destabilization from the Erap camp is completely paranoiac! There’s no Estrada camp anymore. It will morph into the camp of whoever’s running this time around come 2010.

Number 3: Talk of destabilization from anyone, anyone at all at this time (where everybody’s preparing for 2010, it’s just a matter of tolerating GMA until then) runs along the ‘wag the dog’ crap. A diversion really from ZTE, et al.

Number 4: Lastly, a pardon for Estrada is simply wrong and a slap to the dignity (or what remains of it) of all Filipino. He is hands-down guilty (like most of people in power). He should remain so.

(Mangabroad na ta ani! Balik ta after 2010! Syeet!)


The ComicRelief new-comer in PDI is not exactly a comic relief.

It’s a love story, Carlo J. Caparas’ diario novela “To Love and to hold”.

And it’s too big. It spans a quarter of the page. And 7 comic strips were actually annihilated to give way to this Pinoy Comics returnee. Among them, “Divine Comedy”, which, I actually liked.

Mingaw na man nuon ang akong paboriting section sa PDI.


The guilty Erap now, the guilty Erap then

Erap has been guilty even before the SandiganBayan verdict was pronounced today. Did we not wave those big ‘GUILTY’ streamers during the height of EDSA 2? But now, 6 years after and finally a guilty court ruling? Where have all the rage and the furor gone?

We’ve mellowed down, I guess. And besides, these people, Erap’s buddies? Total sell-outs.

I would like to remember Edsa II. But then I get reminded that it was then that Gloria took over the reins of this nation and look where we are now.

I cheered while watching the WTO Twin Towers crumble.

I think I did. I may have even exclaimed: “Yes! World War 3!” (I didn’t know FoxNews existed ’til then.)

Fast forward 6 years, still no world war. But the world has changed forever. Thanks to the US and her beloved GW Bush, the world has become one unending freaky fright show. To think that that over-bloated event only killed about 3,000 people while on that day, elsewhere in the globe, 20,000++ women and children died of hunger.

And what about the points raised by Michael Moore in Fahrenheit 9/11? Very valid. I could even believe the theories of conspiracy theorists.

I think the world is even far better without the twin towers. Less carbon emission.


Cool Thang!

I’m cool.

And so, Tuff, Miriam’s goofy beau, gave me a Banaue cap from their last trip there.


To think that I almost ripped the Baguio embroidery from my father’s mailbag pasalubong.

But, I was grateful, of course. Really, I was.


Remembering Ka Viktor

Although, it can be said nga kami-kami lang, the tribute for slain Boholano peasant leader Victor Olayvar in the eve of his death anniversary was an intimate cultural gathering of friends, supporters, comrades of Victor.


Interests and what-not

Last night someone verbally presumed my disinterest with certain things.

I must not expound on these ‘certain things’ lest this post becomes a lengthy exposition on First Day High: The Joys and Tribulations of the First Day of School of a First-Time Pre-school Teacher (Who Has Dreamed for this Day Since Forever) in a First World Locale from the Perspective of a Disinterested Disillusioned Third World Citizen Dreaming for a Socialist Philippines in the Near Future.

It’s not so much as it was not entirely true, it was more that someone merely presumed something about me. Made me think. For a millisecond (or longer), what people thought of me. What little people thought of me. (Or how highly they do.) It was a tiny jolt, immaterial, had it not struck at the right place, at the right time. But it’s not about this, even. What others think wouldn’t matter, in the end. Because really the bulb shone on me. Made me think further. Of things that do interest me. And those that don’t. Good thing, it was just a short flicker. For God knows I could fill thousands of pages with stuff that interest me.

People. Architecture. Films. Politics. Hollywood. Fashion. Music. Literature. Poetry. Comic Strip. Art. Travel. TV. Food. Technology. Nature. Sports. Celebrities. Counter-culture. Spirituality. Trivia. Mass Struggle. Chocolate. China. Japan. Social Development. Archaeology. Calligraphy. Photography. Wine. Education. New York Living. Manolo Blanik. The Philosophy of Ayn Rand. Sports. Rem Koolhaas. SOM. Flipflops. Mindanao. Epiphanies. Hair-raising moments. Imperialist Manila. International Cuss Words.

I could be interested in anything and everything for all I know as I’m set to discover new things every second of each day. And I could not even bother thinking about those that don’t. These things, they will reveal themselves to me in time. Besides, this introspection is giving me a brain tumor, I could feel the slimy shit squirming inside my brain.