Meet Adeel

Elsie's and Haleed's Baby. Born 22nd of July 2009.


I've been writing

It's like an idea. I had to put on paper. I wish had more time. More peace. To write. As it is, I'm too stressed out. Too jumpy. The nerves creeping even in my sleep. I hope I could see the end to this one.


You Walk Away Cold and Empty

And quite annoyed and furious with the filmmakers for this crap. I was expecting to join in a cacophony of applause at the end of the film, but everyone just sort of fled from the cinema fast and without even staying a bit to savor the lingering after taste of a film well done, you know, just staring blankly at the raining credits. Oh, I really, really wanted to like this film, convince myself to believe in the good reviews, the nice aspects about it, the cinematography, the what-not, yet....

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, despite raving reviews, truly and utterly disappoints. Forget about separating it from the book crap, it shouldn't be. We understand the limitations of film, more so than its capabilities, but they butchered the book really. Whereas the book was very engrossing, the movie certainly dragged on as long as it should be on unimportant side bits and completely dropped the very essential elements that held the story together. I mean, that's okay for those who read the book, we know the story, and what's behind the story, but still so much more was expected. Ain't that what's movie-going is for? I agree with someone who said that this installment deserves a do-over. Seriously. And they better better not mess-up Deathly Hallows, to think it's gonna be the same director and all. What a weekend-wrecker.

One more sad thing: the sight of toddlers being brought along in the cinema. WTF were the parents thinking? And it was a 10pm showing, too. Geez. Bahrain is weird.


Just Had To

Told myself to refrain from buying books here in Bahrain because once I start doing so, it'll be a buying frenzy thereon. I could live with that actually. The thing is I don't want to have a container-van-full of books once I get out off of this beige patch of land. But then again life is too short to deprive myself from real books. I've been reading alot actually but via cost-free pdf's. Also I like to make notes while reading, underline great quotes and cool phrases, and say 'tsk!' and 'wtf' to some. The thing is, books are quite steep here, so there, that's stopping me there from buying (unlike China which has like ridiculously cheap books) being the spendthrift (really) that I am. For now, I'd just like to enjoy this read (and hopefully not be trapped in the misery that this book might contain.)


A Life Minimal - MySpace Out

Yep. I finally deleted my MySpace account. It's pretty much unused. And I seldom browse MySpace also, contented with YouTube and Facebook. I'm thinking of Friendster next but I got friends there that I'd like to reconnect with from time to time. Multiply is pretty much redundant for me now, too. But we'll see. For now, I'm just glad I finally had my MySpace deactivated. (Reminder to self: change email sig and other sites to remove MySpace link.)