MUST-SEE: Paper Heart

This should be a fun movie to watch. This Charlyne Yi is phenomenal. I mean wrote and produced this, too. She like reminds me of someone, a friend, a classmate, somewhere, so familiar. Michael Cera is of course as cuddly cute. Hah, wonder if he could ever get out playing such cool-un-cool characters.


At First Sight

Blindness is precious. People should be raving about this movie. I mean, the smart artistic ones at least, art film buffs. Those who loved Cidade de Deus. And Fernando Mereilles. And Saramago, the NObel Laureate writer of the book the film is based from.
The making shouldn’t be missed either. It just completes the whole creative circle. I mean, I cried. Understanding the artistry of it all. The book. The screenplay. The acting. The cinematography. The music. The direction. The film. The whole creative process. Like I understand that. I’ve felt that. I feel that.
You’ll know what I mean once you see it, them, the film and the making of the film.
Geez, I’m just too freaking overwhelmed to say anything more.


The Ghost of Tom Joad

Listening to Rage Against The Machine, I’m missing live super loud rock concerts. Not that I’ve been to many. But with the few that I’ve been to during my freshman days in U of P and then some more while I was in U of B , it was riot. I especially miss the chaos. The sweet smell of ganja all over. The mad camaraderie amongst everyone there. All that beer and fooling around after. That juvenile freedom.



I’m thinking. Story ideas, mostly. I got one. Something depressing. Revolves around an exit plan. Something that I’m feeling strongly right about now and most every day these days. This may perhaps be my very gracious departure I am concocting on. Perhaps. Perhaps. Perhaps. Okay so there’s another one. Something that I’ve already made a draft of, actually. In my cellphone. The concept is like with two people’s correspondence thru SMS. Some childish stuff, but some deep shit also hanging around the edges. Yeah, and one more would play on inter-cultural, inter-racial, inter-religious affairs/relationships, the conflict - zooming in on something particular, specific, something. Which I’ve yet to come up with. So I’m thinking I shouldn’t. I should just write. Maybe later.

Just Read: Forrest Gump Screenplay

A fine watch. An even finer read.