No to Erap's Pardon

Fuck. Erap does not deserve the presidential pardon. Is it necessary? For GMA, politically, no! Unless she wants to stay in office forever. Such a disgrace. 


China flies to the moon

It's all over the news here. It's quite incredible. Who would've known? But it's inevitable, really. China is unstoppable, primed to conquer not only the world, but the universe. Be afraid, be very very afraid.



The Philippine delegation to the 10th China Senior Study and Research Program for International Young Cadres left Manila to Guangzhou via Southern China Airlines. At Guangzhou, we met with the rest of the delegation. We flew to Nanning where we were greeted by teachers from the China-Guangxi International Youth Exchange Institute.



Sketching calms me, it’s such an amnesiac, I wish, sometimes, its effects would last a little longer.