No looking back.

There’s no escaping the past. It caught up with me yesterday.

They named it. Angels 98 Class Reunion. Whaat? I thought I really could escape reunions. I really did. Seems I just can’t.

And so there I was. Nostalgic? Never.

Why then was I there? Because Munel was convincing. And maybe because I was curious, too. Maybe.

I was there but I really wasn’t.

No fair, everyone got considerably heavier except for Joanne. (BSAT Batch HS ‘98 Reunion.)


Just shoot him.

I don’t think I will ever get used to seeing this guy all over the place. I’m upset still that he’s a free man now. Crap! I don’t know why but I’m really flaming mad, which sucks because it’s so unnecessary, a waste of energy, a waste of time.


There’s a cancer support group in Bohol

A few days after I got back from Chairman Mao’s territory. My editor calls me for a LifestyleBohol shoot/interview. There, at the K of C church formation center, we met them. They’re women cancer (mostly breast cancer) survivors. Amazing. I know there’s quite a number cancer victims in Bohol, some fortunate enough to survive, some not but I never thought their number would amount to something that would entail a support group. Sitting down with the Bohol Cares, a cancer support group, hearing their stories of struggling (and surpassing) the fight against cancer and chemotherapy was revealing, inspiring.


I did China.

I damn sure did.

(I’m placing my China journal elsewhere, which should be published soon.)