Happy Holidays!

2012 was pretty smooth-sailing. Nearly monotonous. Nearly. But that's just because I'm ennui-phobic. And most fearful of contentment.

That's why I've set 2013 as the year to get a move on - again. Of course, there's the ultimate OPLAN MASTERS. And then some. If Plan A crashes, I'm not gonna get burned. I mustn't.

It'll be a busy year for sure. Well, at least, in the first quarter. What with this "full-time" sheez I've gotten myself into. I volunteered. So yeah. Also, something to expect: the Bali trip in May!

Ugh, speaking of May. The local elections. That's something I'm not looking forward to.

Oh well, bring it 2013.


The Fit Survives

Oh, this is precious. A Multiply ad in Facebook.

They're still trying to resuscitate this dying site. I'm a Multiply user myself, the photo album, then the blog. Then the online shopping (even after Facebook). Because my online sellers are still there. And it's been tweaked to serve the trading really well. But definitely not bogus-free. I've been duped once. But very little amount. But still.

Anyway, I'm surprised because the Admin has already been preparing us for the closure of Multiply. And then this ad.

No, I don't think this'll help. Ciao, ciao Multiply!


RH Cheers for the #RHBill

And so, finally, after too many years, the "ayes" have it!!!

For supporters of the Reproductive Health Bill (me, personally, for 3 Congresses now), hearing the gavel banged for the passage of the RH Bill was such a sweet victory.

"House Bill 4244 (An Act Providing for a Comprehensive Policy on Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health and Population and Development) won with a slim margin of 113-104 vote, the first time it advanced to the second reading since it was first filed more than 15 years ago." - source

2nd Reading approval is as good as passed. And we have the numbers in the Senate already.

Of course, we had to celebrate!



#SinTax today. #RHBill tomorrow.

The historic Sin Tax Bill that seeks to impose higher taxes on tobacco and alcohol products is finally on its way to becoming a law, after it a got full approval from both the Upper and Lower Houses today. This is great news.

For the longest time (well, I mean, after I first traveled abroad that is, in Bangkok, way back in 2004), I've been griping about how cheap our tobacco and alcohol products are compared to our neighboring countries. And when I started to ask, that's when I learned about sin taxes.  And we should totally do that in the Philippines. I told myself. And anyone who was interested. That and stricter labeling in cigarette packages.

I drink and smoke occasionally (very occasionally, socially is the term) myself, but I don't mind the jacked up prices. It keeps kids away. And I personally think that people waste too much money drinking and smoking. Especially those who are not particularly well off. Not judging, just saying.

So anyway, done with that. After that Sin Tax amendment scare. Phew! There's some consternation on some of its provisions, especially that it deals with money, and I mean, loads of money, but we just gotta keep an eye more.

So, tomorrow is the more pressing day. 12/12/12. Big deal. Yes, it's a big deal. Finally, the RH Bill will come to a vote. Oh yes, it will. Never mind the delayers. You're all goin down. 

The Reproductive Health Bill will be approved by both Houses tomorrow.