Best Vegetarian Burger Yet

I'm no vegetarian. I don't think I can be one - ever. But I've had my share of pure vegetarian food via my experimenting friends (veggie phase, whoops!) or Adventist pals - and their kind of chow is not for me. I had my share of (red) meatless days (shortest was 2 months; max was 2 years) - it was not easy - but with chicken and seafoods still on the list, I survived. Anyway this aversion to vegetarian food is mainly, too, because I'm not a vegetable person. Never was.

But this, Maria's vegetarian burger (patty from pre-made gluten, marinated ala Maria, stuffed with other goodness) - best 'gluten' food I've eaten. Really. And just looking back at this photograph right now, makes me want to knock on Maria's door again - for more.