Que Horror! Que Horror!

When everybody's actually willing to wear where-i'm-from-everybody's-a-hero shirts - this shit happens. Damn warlords & im-fuckin-punity http://tinyurl.com/ye3t823

P.S. The Filipino people better get their acts together. We let this happen in a way. We just let things happen, that's why. GMA's practically useless. May 2010 people. We've got things to undo. Redo.



A life where you are not allowed grieve is fucking perdition.

'La, I'll see you soon. I will.


Copy Editing Kicks Ass

Disgruntled Employee of the Day: An anonymous Toronto Star editor upset over Star publisher John Cruickshank’s decision to outsource union editing jobs to freelancers expresses her displeasure the best way he/she knows how: By marking up the internal memo notifying employees of said decision.

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Kailangan ng laban ang mga bagong bayani

Risa is My Senator #1.

But I must say this is what it is: early campaigning. A detergent TVCommercial would be tacky, yes, but you know not there-there... Oh well...

Gratis+amore usually gives off something more artsy-fartsy, just sayin.

Let's get Risa out there. But IMO with extra extra care (and flair)