(99 kms, 99 quips) Eastbound: Roadside Ruminations

On November 27-30, I took part in the Bohol Climate Walk 2015, a 99-100 kilometer walk from Tagbilaran to Anda, to call for 100% clean energy in Bohol and the world and in solidarity with the People’s Pilgrimage to the Paris climate talks. (Two climate walkers have shared their stories, this past two Sundays.)

I made a similar trip by car, in 2007, which I wrote about here (“Go East! Chronicles of a Road Trip East of Bohol and Back” LifestyleBohol, 6 May 2007). While one was a leisurely holiday trip, this journey on-foot I made so I can keep living (and spending my holidays) in our island paradise of Bohol and elsewhere in our common home, the Earth – a meditation of sorts, each step a prayer, treading musings. Meaningful, mundane, riddled with expletives.


I got my eprepaid card!

After about three attempts (I think I tried a couple of times back in Ethiopia and then once again when I came back but was too busy to pick  it up), I finally, finally picked up my e-prepaid card from BPI (where I also do my banking).

As opposed to the first tries (which I applied for online), I went to the bank first and see if my card from the last application was still there. As expected, it was already unavailable as it was stated in the application that once unclaimed after 3 weeks (?), the card will be automatically destroyed. So I applied then and there, paid for the card. (P400 or was it P450). After a month, I turned up at the same branch, and voila, card claimed.

I actually had one of these from another bank but has since become dormant after I left for Ethiopia. So, this is cool. 



Linog 1015/2013 We Remember

Remember the fallen.
Remember the fear.
Remember the grief.
Remember the heartache.

Remember faith.
Remember strength.
Remember kinship.
Remember resilience.

Remember relief.
Remember gratitude.
Remember grace.
Remember love.


Done -- Building a Better Response E-Course!

I started this over the weekend, Building a Better Response, a self-paced e-certificate course, which aims to enhance the capacity of national and international NGO workers and other humanitarian actors to engage with the international humanitarian coordination system in a manner that improves overall coordination and responds to the needs of crisis-affected populations.


Rouge-ish Moon in Siquijor

Gipamugos nga red.
I was in neighboring Siquijor island for Akbayan Central Visayas' Campaign Management Training the days (and nights) where the the blood moon was set to rise.

Unfortunately, we were at the side of the island that does not face the east. So no moon rise view for us. The supermoon was still stunning though, even though it wasn't so super-large.

See you in 18 years, blood moon.


Never forget. Never again.

It's a good day to flood your social media feed with #neveragain to Martial Law sentiments. It's a message that is extremely important to let out these days (years) as an epidemic of collective amnesia on the evils of Martial Law is afflicting this country. It's very sad and disturbing to me who's only read about said evils, how much to those who actually lived through it? You can feel the frustration from those people here, here, and here and here and everywhere.


Peace, yo!

Peace! (on sketchbook, sharpie and acrylic, 2015)

My International Day of Peace piece.

It's getting to be cliche, but seriously, the world needs peace. Syria, Iraq, South Sudan, Chad, CAR, Afghanistan, Turkey, Ukraine. Our own Mindanao.


Heneral Luna: Adelante!

Heneral Luna, the independent film by Jerrold Tarog is the first Filipino I watched in the cinema since Eric Matti’s On The Job. Sadly, I only knew of it after reading raving reviews from Facebook and Twitter friends. Marketing budget was perhaps nil, which is unfortunate because these sorts of movies are exactly what Filipinos need, young and old. I watched a matinee showing at the Tagbilaran Island City Mall on its last day, and expected a full house. But alas, despite the 50% student discount (regular price is P120), the theater was mostly bare saved only by a string of senior Tagbilaranons enjoying their free movie passes c/o the city government. Where were the students?

Their loss. Heneral Luna is epic. It has flaws worthy of a movie sins episode but is overall a gripping cinematic fare worthy of a pert Heneral Luna salute. Adelante!


Filipinos are Asians. Period.

This is insane. Some Filipino Americans actually say they're Pacific Islanders? Filipinos in the motherland would always consider ourselves Asians, Southeast Asians more specifically. We've so little relations with the Pacific Islands. Come on.


Am I an extroverted introvert?

So this LifeHack article by David Khim lists down 19 Real Life Examples of An Extroverted Introvert So You Don’t Get Confused. (Which is actually 20, because he listed down two (2) number 9's.)

Let's see if I fit in any of the traits of a extroverted introvert...


Happy International Women's Day

We do this every year. But we struggle daily, 24/7. And we fight. And march on. All the time.