Just the films I need to get by. No really.

I've been trailerspotting in YouTube, found these feel-good jewels. These days, I'm so not in the mood for cerebral movies. Some of these are last year's or later, I think.

When did this kid Freddie get so hot?

With the muppets? This should be fun.

Anything with Paris, does it with me. Plus this is a Woody Allen.

Coming-of-age stories are always a darling.

Because Tom Stu is a hottie.

Wee, it's Romain Duris from the Spanish Apartment.

Because it's by Gus van Sant. And I like the kid's name, Enoch.

Ah this. There's just some things that are destined to occur.

Of course, la?


Remembering China

I was looking for a new picture for my Facebook profile, browsing through my pictures folders and always, always, I get pulled towards my China album.And unbelievable, how I could still vividly recall the details of that 2-month China exposure. Fun times, those times.

I definitely owe that experience a writing. Like what I've always planned to do. No, this short aside post wouldn't do.

Look at us, like a bunch of tweens gaga over Jonathan Taylor Thomas. But this dude is hot. And we chatted for quite a while with him, too, no?

Even the panda's, agree. Cheers! Gan bei!