I'm sick, shit.

I was clobbered to near-death, yet lived to tell the tale. Or so I look like.

Sore eyes, it’s the worst of all illnesses. It’s filthy, irritating, and painful as hell. It is embarrassing, which makes it all the more discomforting. Medical scientists should really do something about this. This is a sickness that should’ve already been controlled ages ago, fuck AIDS. See, it also accounts for incoherence. And poetic surge, too. I wrote this poem, summer 2002.


mura ka’g sabog
nasudlan ug dautang espiritu
na-knock-out ni Pacquiao

maayo pa unta

kaysa’s gilikayan
nga katol
ang mga mata

(nga puno’g muta)



Parked right in front of the Fotomoments studio, we were simply floored. Me, I had to touch it, to believe it. And take pictures, siempre!


I didn’t attend my high school reunion.

Maybe, because I didn’t really invent the Post-it’s.

I was sort of forced, though, to again enter the premises of Bohol School of Arts and Trades (BSAT), now the Central Visayas State College of Arts, Forestry and Technology (CVSCAFT). Bohol Chronicle’s LifestyleBohol (where I’m usually working in) covered the event. More aptly, Sonieta, the section editor, covered the event. I was only there for the cover photo shoot.

Sonieta was popular back in her BSAT Days (Batch ‘98). And I think she genuinely had a the time of her life during those days, which was so long time ago. (hehe!)

My brother, Ryan, LifestyleBohol photographer, was a year ahead of me in BSAT. He took the photos for the BTS-BSAT-CVSAFT Centennary Celebration.
I was not exactly a wallflower. People knew me. But it’s really hard for me to dwell on the past, much more, travel back time basically with these reunions and all.

Sonieta (middle, in white, long-sleeved blouse) will always be happy to be back in BSAT.
Too bad for my grade school batch(Tagbilaran City Central Elementary School ‘94). They expect me to organize our reunion. I can’t. I just can’t.

(The LifestyleBohol Cover. Layout Design by moi!)