Happy 15th, Google!

This is a fun game!

Google turned 15 on September 4.

Fifteen years ago, in 1998, I was a college freshman in UP-Diliman, barely knew how to use Microsoft Word, and had absolutely no idea how to use the Internet. My older brother had to help me set up my first email account. (I'm not sure if it was Eudoramail or Yahoo! I know, it's no longer active.)



Because, why not?

I'm afraid of mirrors. And at the receiving end of cameras and flashes. Or prying eyes. I mean, who isn't? And this is not a new fear, that's sprung from this egoistic/egotistic society hungry for social likes and retweets. No, I've been like this since I could remember.

I hate being photographed at. Except for when I'm in the right mood, the right mind, the right outfit. Well. But that generally, rarely, happens. But when it does, why the hell not?


It's me. Not The Master.

I'm on a quest. 

I have tons of unwatched films in my external hard disk. I'm out of HD space and have to delete the movies, pronto. 


Finally! Paypal Access Restored

After months of nearly feverish appeals to the PayPal Compliance  Department, my account access has been restored - finally.