Sandugo 2008 is History

(photo by: Ryan Macalandag)

The Sandugo Street Dancing 2008 is now history. Although, organizers repeatedly said this year's was just an exhibition, and not a competition, still, special prizes had to be given out.

Here's the list of winners:

3 Major Awards (all 3, said to be of equal standing, received P50,000 + trophy)
1. Best in Street Dancing - Jagna
2. Best in Field Performance - Maribojoc
3. Best in Production Design - Pamilacan Island, Baclayon

Minor Awards (P20,000 + trophy)
1. Most Creative - Catigbian National High School
2. Most Lively - Carmen
3. Best in Costume - Dr. Cecilio Putong National High School
4. Best in Instrumentation - University of Bohol
5. Best in Overall Impact - Catigbian National High School

Heard at the Sandugo Street Dancing scene:
1. The whole thing was so mismanaged. Started 2 hours late. The whole event dragged on like the train of a drag queen's gown...
2. Organizer, Carmen Gatal was seen driving in and out of the streets while the street dancing went on, supervising the whole hoopla... Comment: she should've at least a driver. The hands-on operation is not admirable, this time. Further comment: Delegate. Delegate.
3. What the hell was Pichay doing there? Yah, that guy that didn't get planted in the Senate. GMO man gud.
4. The Pamilacan Island Contingent sponsored by philanthropist Bea Zobel c/o Globe: Overrated? You tell me.
5. No Sandugo Oracles this time. But apparently it was still there. They just moved to this island known for their cute dolphins.
6. No show Aumentado? No show Chatto, Jala, Cajes? What's the drama? Grabe na pud. All for Gloria's SONA. Bahh. They could've still caught the Cebu-Manila flight, no? Tsk...
7. Why don't we celebrate Sandugo every 3 or 4 years to coincide with the TBTK since we seem to be saving all the fun for that one overrated event? Hmm...
8. The Araneta duo emcees were biting! They dripped with sarcasm all over. Did they have to mention that hunchback joke? So unchristian. So unchristian. Maybe because they do it every year? Time to retire? Or shift to a career in stand-up comedy.
9. The program was really an anarchy. No one seemed to be manning the whole thing. No director in sight. No stage managers in sight. Haayyy...
10. If Sandugo 2007 was anemic, what of 2008? I don't even want to know.

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