And the hard work begins...

My faith in the United States of America is renewed. I've always told myself and my friends, before this historic day, that an Obama win, a win for a black man, despite his popularity (and though I rooted for him), is still incredible, and I'd believe it when I see it. And now it's here. It is done. Barack Obama has now been elected the first African American President of the United States of America. Watching his speech earlier, with the thousands in Grant Park, Chicago, I, too, cried in elation with the American people. (Rare, because I didn't with 9/11.) I'm just feeling it. =)

I know that this win'll be good for the rest of the world, too. I think it's more symbolic still, Obama, after all, that's still USA, they're still Americans, but if this guy follows through, if this USA follows through, there is hope for the world, too. I'll sure be watching out for Obama and will follow his leadership especially in his commitments to ending world poverty, and many other global issues that the USA has so much role on.

Gobama. Gomerica. Goworld.

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