Today I learned I'm actually afraid of heights. No really.

We got invited (via Sunday Post's lifestyle section Flare and courtesy of the Loboc LGU) to try out the newest eco-adventure offering in the province, the Loboc Eco-Adventure Park. And I was really excited because I saw the pics from another newspaper The Bohol Chronicle the previous Sunday and it looked really awesome to view the Loboc River and the Busai from above.

It was an exhilarating superlative experience. True fact. But boy did some parts of my soul, jump off my body like twice or thrice. Seriously, they need to make that cable car sturdier.

The tyrolean cross (aerial ropeslide) was amazing, though. You zip right across the whole length so quickly, that you don't really have time to panic. It's almost horizontal, that it felt like flying. (Err, not that I know what it feels to fly. But you get the drift.)

See what I mean? That's a scared-ass face, right there! 

But that was a really wahoo experience, yeah!

And so, we pose for dear life.

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