Holiday Post: I saw Santa Claus kissin' The Grinch.

This doesn't make sense any longer, this noche buena feast, I thought to myself, as we were preparing the table for our small Christmas Eve dinner. Eating a rather exuberant meal at Christmas midnight only makes sense when coupled with the Catholic tradition of the midnight mass (which actually happens around 10p.m., but everyone's still calling it that anyway, for dramatic effect, I suppose). I mean why a full, full meal at midnight? Can't it be something light? Or heavy - the word's booze. But I digress, this post is not about noche buena

Why am I even writing about Christmas? Because "It's the most wonderful time of the year!". That's what!

And what's even more wonderful about the most wonderful time of the year, superficiality aside? Christmas music, baby! True. 

Although, I absolutely detest un-practiced caroling, yes, even if they're just kids, I always have this urge to collect all these rugrats and form a Christmas corale out of them, with proper Christmas songs, other than Kasadya, not saying Kasadya is not proper and I believe it's definitely gonna be part of the repertoire, but it's gotta be sung better than that -  there's just something about Christmas songs that evoke the feeling of being home. Even the gloomy songs, yes, even, them gloomy songs. 

Yes and of course, there's the rare one or two mananaygon's (carolers) that delight. This folk group with the bamboo xylophone (gabbang). And the Badjao's with their dance routine.

The gaddang did it for me.

And that boy is one hot bronze thing, ain't he?

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