Party in the U.S.A.: An All-American American Idol Season 10

It was a party, sure, with all-new judges Steven "Dude Looks Like a Lady" Tyler and Jennifer "Jenny from the Block" Lopez.

The auditions part are easily the best bit in American Idol. It's where the hopes are high, the talent raw and, of course, where the crazies still are. And the atmosphere is very much party-ish, too. Very fitting, that Miley Cyrus ditty, Party in the U.S.A. Hah!

But it's nice to have some kick, too, that acerbic punch that only a British can, or maybe only a Simon Cowell can? IDK. I miss the free lessons on smart, abrasive vocabulary.

Jennifer Lopez is definitely better at this than Paul Abdul, though. I mean, really. Steven Tyler is a whole other genre, a refreshing addition, but no Simon Cowell replacement.

But no matter. I watch American Idol for the singing. And I'm seeing a lot of promising artists this season. But here's hoping they wouldn't disappoint in the finals as in my favorites in the last 3 seasons.

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