Coming to Camotes, I had little expectations. It was after all a business trip, errr, rather, field work. What struck me really here's that it'g got zero public utility transport -- no tricycles, no jeepneys, no multicabs -- only the semi-legal single motorcycle taxi aka habal-habal whose tarrifs are absurdly expensive. How? Why? I kept asking myself. They got fairly good roads. It's a quaint small island group of four: Pacijan (San Francisco town), Poro (Poro and Tudela towns), Ponson (Pilar town) and Tulang (an island barangay of San Francisco). Everywhere should just be minutes away if there were at least PUJs plying about like, say, Camiguin. Oh well, it works for them. So why not? But then for visitors, this could especially be a hurdle. I mean, meyn, P150/person for a 30-minute habal-habal ride towards the beautiful white sand beach stretch of Barangay Santiago in San Francisco!

Santiago's beautiful, of course, white sand beach, beautiful azure waters, friendly people, but there's one more catch -- by the beach, there' zero to no mobile telecom signal.

Ah well, you can't have it all.

The San Francisco Town Hall Square is a free Wi-Fi zone.
Meanwhile, its most popular tourist barangays barely have telecom signal. 

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