Best Christmas Song Ever - Christmas In Our Hearts | By Jose Mari Chan

Probably not ever but still I think this Jose Mari Chan favorite is in the top ten of my list of best Christmas songs, local or foreign.

I used to fancy myself singing this at one of those neighborhood Christmas parties when I was younger - I even practiced! - that panned out, of course. I always chicken out at these things - public stages, blah-blah.
And one more Christmas song that gives me the tinglies is ""Kumukutikutitap". I think that song = happiness. Truly.

Anyway, the best things about Christmas are the cold weather!, the food!, to an extent, the movies! (eww! not the effin MMFF!) and of course, the presents! (bonus!) - but most of all, the songs! They're free, they're fun and they hug you all over!

Maayong Pasko ya'll!

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