Friday Salad Trio

Thinking about making, especially eating, salads galore the whole week (and actually the week before pa), I finally got to the produce section of Island City Mall to get my needed ingredients. Naturally, some of the ingredients weren't available, and of course, it had to be the most important -- natural yoghurt. So I had to do with the pint of mango-flavored yoghurt. 

So here they are - voila! Looks good, but tastes better!

Mango salsa ala-Marla. Made it less spicy

Mango salsa ala-Marla. And scrimped a little on the onions. ;)

Crunchy cucumber and yoghurt salad (raita).
I thought I put in too much cumin, but it may have been just
2/3 of the amount from the recipe.

Crunchy cucumber yogurt raita.
Yellow bits c/o the mango-flavored yoghurt.

Thai Crunchy Apple Yogurt Salad Fusion.
Apple substituted for green mango.

Thai Crunchy Apple Yoghurt Salad Fusion.

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