I love books, no question.

Powerbooks(?), I think. But, Trinoma, definitely.
And reading. I come to a good mall and the bookstore's gotta be one of my stops. I just can't help it. And if I got money, no way I'm walking out without a book purchase. What I'm on the lookout, really, are good fiction books, preferably by India and/or Arabic/Mid-Eastern  writers. But of the late, with me teaching university  Architecture classes and all -- it's about design books this time. Not your ordinary, design/architecture coffee table books -- which don't come cheap -- but the academic ones, really -- which don't come any cheaper! Of course, I can't really look away from any good literature books. Seemingly little-known books/writers don't go unnoticed, too. I usually browse through the first paragraphs and even the last -- and if I like what I read, I'm pretty much sold to it. A good cover art is a good come-on, too.

So, in my visit yesterday, I took pictures of some design books that goes into my wishlist.

The Bohol Spanish-era bridges should figure in this one. 

I flipped through the pages, so niiiice.

You had me at AUTHENTIC. Hah! These probably are not. Woops.

Who wouldn't want to read the WHOLE story of ART. Duh.

Good source book for design class.

This, too. 

But, of course. This book is all text, but the price  --  damn.

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