DIY Guitar Capo

I discovered and (re)discovered some amazing music this past week, and I wanted to like play some of them with my guitar, well, you know, I wish, but I try anyway...

So, yah, I was watching Dear John the other week. I've watched it way before but it was on HBO several times a day practically so you are bound to watch it   <<< scratch this story. It's gonna be long and boring.

I googled for the guitar chords of this song and was in a fix because it required a capo. I knew there was one beat-up one somewhere in the house, but after a minute (!) of searching for it - I was on my desk googling DIY capo, instead. And voila! - a DIY capo that took me just 5 minutes to assemble (materials collating, included). It turned out good. Just as the song required. 

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