New Bohol Bee Farm Fave: Fresh Veggie Lumpia

This Vietnamese spring roll inspired veggie lumpia is too yummy. 

We got fortunate, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Bohol gave us the opportunity to peek into their successful program SETUP or Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program which "aims boost small and medium enterprises’ (SMEs) productivity and competitiveness by assisting them in adopting technological innovations to improve their operations."

We got a chance to visit and interview some of their grantees. Bohol Bee Farm, being one of DOST's pioneering grantees, albeit not necessarily with SETUP (probably with Manufacturing Productivity Extension (MPEX) Program), we had our lunch there and was given the pass to observe their tea-making operations, as well as some of their self-made innovations that help Bohol Bee Farm become the Bohol Bee Farm we all love.

This new ice cream (sorbet) flavor - TOMATO - however,
gets a D for not tasting like tomato, at all.
It's delicious, no doubt, but where's the tomato?
Of course, the squash muffins never fail and so are
the signature 'palaman' of the Bohol Bee Farm!

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  1. i like it that you fearlessly gave the icecream a D. we love the bee farm's ice cream at the first try. but when you want to get to that flavour that comes with the colour, you get lost. all tastes the same. the creaminess milks you all over, and then you will come to realize, that except for that tsokolate flavour that gives that bitter kick, all bee farm ice cream tastes the same after.