Am I an extroverted introvert?

So this LifeHack article by David Khim lists down 19 Real Life Examples of An Extroverted Introvert So You Don’t Get Confused. (Which is actually 20, because he listed down two (2) number 9's.)

Let's see if I fit in any of the traits of a extroverted introvert...

1. We’re often quiet, but it doesn’t mean we don’t want to talk.

NOPE. When I'm quiet, it's because I don't want to talk. 

2. And just because we like being around people doesn’t mean we want to talk.

YEP. That's me.

3. We like hanging out one on one better than groups. We’ll listen to you forever.

NOPE. Not really a one on one person. Small group, like 3-5. 7 max. 

4. We suck at responding to texts because sometimes we don’t want to talk – to anyone.

YEP. YEP. YEP. Not just texts, but especially phone calls.

5. We’re open to meeting your other friends. Just let us know ahead of time that we’ll be meeting new people so we can mentally prepare ourselves to socialize.

HMMMM. Not sure on this one. But I generally don't mind meeting other people. 

6. Despite needing our alone time, we do get lonely.

HMMMM. Not sure on this one.

7. It’s hard to get us out, but we’ll have a great time when we go out.


8. We’ll happily chat up your parents/friends/girlfriend/boyfriend/boss/etc., but once it’s over, we require silence.


9. We’re not always the most talkative person in a group, but if someone is in need of a social life jacket, we can step up and offer that.

YEP. I could be that person, alright.

10. We won’t plan a party, but if we do, it’s a really big deal for us.


11. We live in our heads even if it seems like we put ourselves out there.


12. Because we can be outgoing and calculated at the same time, sometimes we end up being leaders. But that does not mean we want praise, nor do we want to talk about how great we are.


13. We bounce between wanting to be noticed for our hard work to panicking over the thought of somebody else paying more than 30 seconds of attention to us.

NOPE. I'm more of the latter.

14. People think we’re flirtatious. We’re not.


15. We get mad at ourselves for wanting to stay in and letting our friends down.


16. We’re at your happiest in places like coffee shops and cafés: surrounded by people, but still closed off and keeping to yourself.

NOPE. I'm terrible at working in public places.

17. We have a constant inner struggle of controlling our introverted side.

NO. Not really. I've got too much on my mind. Not the kind of introspection I'm into.

18. We really don’t like small talk.


19. We don’t actually have a staple “group” of friends.

NOPE. I, fortunately, have a staple group of friends.

20. If we like you, we really like you. We’re extremely picky about who we spend our time and energy on. If we’ve hung out multiple times, take it as a compliment.


Labels. I don't like and adhere to them. But as an adjective, I do lean to being an introvert, that could as well be social.

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