Done -- Building a Better Response E-Course!

I started this over the weekend, Building a Better Response, a self-paced e-certificate course, which aims to enhance the capacity of national and international NGO workers and other humanitarian actors to engage with the international humanitarian coordination system in a manner that improves overall coordination and responds to the needs of crisis-affected populations.

I'm no newb to online learning platforms (I've earned Master of Development Communication units from an open university, UPOU and dabbled some in EdX courses), but this BRR e-learning course by the Humanitarian Academy at Harvard, the educational arm of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, is the best I've had. It uses an engaging interactive learning platform, employs an actual example or simulation of a humanitarian crisis where the lessons can be applied. The example situation was an earthquake disaster, which made me look back to the response to our own earthquake in 2013 and even towards the continuing response to that crisis today.

It's not boring at all, (no lengthy readings!) and even uses many narrators (who vary in accent, ethnicity, and gender) who correspond to different roles in humanitarian response to keep it interesting.

screenshot of my e-certificate!
Can't wait for the next course!

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