I cheered while watching the WTO Twin Towers crumble.

I think I did. I may have even exclaimed: “Yes! World War 3!” (I didn’t know FoxNews existed ’til then.)

Fast forward 6 years, still no world war. But the world has changed forever. Thanks to the US and her beloved GW Bush, the world has become one unending freaky fright show. To think that that over-bloated event only killed about 3,000 people while on that day, elsewhere in the globe, 20,000++ women and children died of hunger.

And what about the points raised by Michael Moore in Fahrenheit 9/11? Very valid. I could even believe the theories of conspiracy theorists.

I think the world is even far better without the twin towers. Less carbon emission.

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  1. On hindsight, I think this was a very insensitive comment. But it's true that I did feel that way and it's not nice, considering these are actual people who died, but I feel sorry for the whole world, too, is what I'm saying.