No to Erap Pardon!

This is absurd and quite unacceptable really.

WTF! He’s not yet even imprisoned ‘proper’ and now he gets to go scott-free! Rubbish!

Number 1: The judicial process has not been fully exhausted. There’s still the motion for reconsideration. And then there’s always the Supreme Court. Any talk of pardon is premature. Moot and crapademic.

Number 2: Talk of destabilization from the Erap camp is completely paranoiac! There’s no Estrada camp anymore. It will morph into the camp of whoever’s running this time around come 2010.

Number 3: Talk of destabilization from anyone, anyone at all at this time (where everybody’s preparing for 2010, it’s just a matter of tolerating GMA until then) runs along the ‘wag the dog’ crap. A diversion really from ZTE, et al.

Number 4: Lastly, a pardon for Estrada is simply wrong and a slap to the dignity (or what remains of it) of all Filipino. He is hands-down guilty (like most of people in power). He should remain so.

(Mangabroad na ta ani! Balik ta after 2010! Syeet!)

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