I was feeling fidgety the past week thinking about the 2009 Oscars and the prospect of me missing its live broadcast. I've been watching award ceremonies for-like-ever and wouldn't let my Bahrain exile break this little indulgence.

Thanks to a kind soul, Ate Josie, who lent me her internet device, I was able to watch the spectacular spectacular 2009 Oscars in Bahrain at 4 o'clock in the morning of 23rd Feb over at justin.tv (Yep, I definitely need to subscribe to an internet connection, and pronto!)

The production is done in absolute good taste this year. (to my taste, that is) The crystals had some magical effect, I suppose.

And oh, the Wolverine sings and dances, too! I was actually quite skeptical of The Jackman's hosting skills (though I've thought long before that he has an ooh-so-delish! chocolate-y voice) but, well, the guy pulled it off. He did. Better than some funny, totally ugly comic actually, come to think of it. Maybe, the Academy ought to rethink their choices next time, same as Philippine TV did with Edu and Cesar (but no Richard, puhhlease...)

I love Marissa Tomei's gown. Engineered yet very flowy, feminine. I'll remember that cut, for sure, for some day.

It was such a delight watching the happy happy faces of the Indian cast of Slumdog Millionaire most especially those of the dear dear slum angels. What a win for Slumdog Mil!

Jai Ho Oscars!

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