At First Sight

Blindness is precious. People should be raving about this movie. I mean, the smart artistic ones at least, art film buffs. Those who loved Cidade de Deus. And Fernando Mereilles. And Saramago, the NObel Laureate writer of the book the film is based from.
The making shouldn’t be missed either. It just completes the whole creative circle. I mean, I cried. Understanding the artistry of it all. The book. The screenplay. The acting. The cinematography. The music. The direction. The film. The whole creative process. Like I understand that. I’ve felt that. I feel that.
You’ll know what I mean once you see it, them, the film and the making of the film.
Geez, I’m just too freaking overwhelmed to say anything more.

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  1. it's just so sad how she gets blind after everybody gets to see again...piercing.

    i like gael garcia here, edgy.