Blog Action Day - No Way! Panglao Artificial Islands

The absurdity that is the  proposed project dubbed Panglao Oasis Islands

Today is Blog Action Day. This year bloggers from around the world unite to fight the global water crisis.

While we, an archipelagic country, surrounded and within vast water resources, and poured yearly with an abundance of rain, rain and more rain, we have also been stricken with the un-funny irony of having a scarcity of potable water. True. And in Bohol, Panglao Island is the most wanting of water. 

As it is, they are in deep shit already. There's the airport that the governorship is scrambling to get back on the pipeline after reportedly being held back by the yellows. And now they're adding more, with the proposal of artificial islands, what they are envisioning as the Panglao Oasis Islands. The freakin' what? A crisis in the making that's what. Not just for potable water. Not just the fisher folks of Panglao, but the the rich and diverse marine ecosystem in the area. Not just the sea waters around Panglao, but the sea waters in Central Visayas.

Today is Blog Action Day and we say - fuck no - to the Panglao reclamation proposal. Hell no, to the Panglao Oasis Islands!

[This is just a brief note on the Panglao Oasis Islands Project for Blog Action Day. A full feature opposing the reclamation projects in Panglao is still in the works. And yeah, we are taking these to the streets, the beaches, the airwaves, the twitter waves.]

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