I sea food!

It's World Food Day. And I sea food.

In Tagbilaran City, you don't know nothing if you don't know Kainggit, and at Kainggit, you haven't eaten nothing until you've had its renowned kinilaw na kuja (some kind of oyster).

Additionally, it's #sentisabado time and what perfect time to hark back the glory days of Kainggit, when it was the bomb way back when. But yes, Kainggit, is still there. And the kuja. And camote, saging, and lechon. But most of all, yes, the floor's all still slimy and slippery!

[Notice that I'm writin' in US slang, which ain't necessarily grammatically correct. Hah!]


  1. I noticed the American slang... yes... hahaha! I miss that place...

    is it still "happening" nowadays?

  2. Haha! Yap, still sooo happening! And yes, paghinay kay ma-slide niya ka! Haha!