Gong xi fa cai!

I've got to have a Chinese New Year/ Spring Festival post, why not? I just remembered, because the greeting card from our friends at the China Guangxi International Youth Exchange Institute lying on my desk keeps poking me. So, gong xi fa cai! There.

That China experience, I've never really gotten to writing lengthily about it. I've set up a blog and all (I was even feeling ambitious enough to imagine it as a book, a novella or something in the making - ha!), but it just keeps on getting pushed back, by stuff, life, ennui, Bahrain, heartbreak.

Ah, those two months was bliss, o. Those memories keep coming back like it was just yesterday. Good times, Chiner, good times.
Ouch. But enough of that. I should really be writing on how I missed meeting up with Teacher Li and Teacher Liu in their super rare visit in Manila and in Cebu last week. This visit was announced like months back, and I already blocked these dates and all, but then the Isis opportunity came and that supposed SEA trip (and its eventual cancellation, that really riled me up) - things just didn't fall into their rightful place. What to do?

Suck it up, that's what. But I'm whining here, anyway. Just can't help it. Hah!

Li Laoshi, she even gave us shopping money, see. But that's from the party's pockets, yeah.
Teacher Li, sweet Teacher Li. (They were more of coordinators/translators, really, Teacher Li, Yang and Liang, but that's what we're supposed to call them, so Laoshi's, they became.) She's a card-bearing party member, and she has an active Facebook account. Woot! And one quote I remember from her is that she's wearing pants even for her wedding. Double woot!

I'll see you again some time Teacher Li, for sure, and Nanning, too. And China!

Okay but back to the Chinese New Year. It's the Year of the Metal Rabbit! Let's see if metallic rabbits would do any good for Capricorneans like me.
"Most Capricorneans in 2011 of the white rabbit will feel wonderful because they will achieve everything planned and expected. Unlike some other zodiac signs, they should have no difficulty in adjusting to new conditions." source
Lies. Lies. Lies.

But me, jumping it out underneath the Detian China/Vietnam border waterfalls, like I was truly gleeful? True fact.
Let's all have a good year everyone! 

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