I stand with the women and men of Egypt in their fight for genuine freedom and democracy!

I don't know much about modern Egypt, which is sad, in a way. I only even heard about this Anger Revolution in the 29th of January from Devi. Three days I'm not on Twitter, and so much has happened already. And I didn't even know the background of this revolution. I didn't even know there was a background to this revolution! (Same with Tunisia's, but that was worse, because I didn't even know where Tunisia was, or that there was a modern Tunisia, as I could only associate it with the shroud of Tunis?)

From Wikipeda: "The 2011 Egyptian protests are an ongoing series of street demonstrations, marches,rallies, acts of civil disobedience, riots, and violent clashes that began in Egypt on 25 January 2011, a day selected by 6 April Youth Movement organisers[10][11] to coincide with the National Police Day holiday.[12]"

I've previously thought that Egypt was among the more lenient Islamic states in the area (I mean, it has pig farms, yeah), progressing very slow, but stable, suffering the same human rights situations (i.e. women's issues) as in Islamic countries, and poverty and corruption with all its offshoots as in all developing countries. I clearly know nothing. 

But I shall strive to be more watchful of the world as much as towards my own village, city, province, nation. 

Iran was so near in their 2009-2010 protests. Egypt must finish this through the end like Tunisia. Ousting Mubarak is just the beginning. But with these brave and inspiring young women, Egypt's future is very promising. 

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