I'm not really a fan of Alberto's Pizza. I think they're okay. I've eaten only about once. It was at their branch in Tagbilaran, near the airport. (or that's their only branch in Tagbi, is it? I know there's one in Alona, too.) So anyway, as I said, it's okay. For the price. And I've not really felt the need to crave for Alberto's since that first visit, which was prolly more than a year already? I can't tell. But that should say something.

But then earlier tonight, after missed appointments and basically accomplishing nothing today, I just wanted to stuff my face with junk and the first thing that came to my mind - pizza delivery! I actually thought about this other pizza place near HNU Dampas but I forgot the name and so I couldn't Google it. So, it was Alberto's then. The online search led me to their Facebook page and what do you know, they have a new e-delivery system. Woot, woot!

I was directed to the Alberto's Pizza website, whose ordering system was pretty straightforward and quite easy. And quite efficient actually. After confirming my order. I got a phone call like immediately to confirm my order. And then very shortly, I got another call again to confirm my order. I'm guessing the first one was from their call center in Cebu, with the distinct Cebuano accent of the lady on the other line, and the second was from the local branch here, with the Bol-anon accent this time. After another call for the specific instructions on how to reach our place, a few long minutes later - voila! -- one Hawaiian and pepperoni pizza apiece and a 1.5L Pepsi arrived at our doorstep, or err gate. Awesome.

I'm chowing on these while they're hot. Yum! Uhm, yeah, they're okay. ;)

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