Nuts Huts

Impossible connecting road from the highway. The steepest staircase, from the entrance down to the reception area and restaurant, then down to the huts by the river. Very basic amenities. The restaurant closes at 10pm. You can't bring food in your room/hut. That's Nuts Huts for you.

And yet people keep coming back there. (We did, Good Friday 'til Black Saturday.)

There's just something about this place, tucked safely beside the famed emerald river of Loboc, and in between lush vegetation off the inclines of a friendly mountain, scored enchantingly by the gentle cascades of a nearby low waterfalls and the constant chirping of birds and cicadas. Lazy hours that could stretch to days.

And so people keep coming back.

(Nuts Huts is a backpacker's hideout located in Gotozan, Loboc, Bohol.)

It's not easy, gettin' to paradise.

We are dwellers of the Empire of the Sun and Rising Sun. Rooms at the Nuts Huts are named after classic movies.

We 'scrabbled'. Board games abound in the common room / restaurant.

We could get used to this.


  1. yes, i got more pics... but i need more time.. hehe... il update these later...