Which came first?

I'm so happy. I finally completely downloaded one of my all-time-favorite-i-am-yet-to-see movies. After so many attempts, wohooooo, at looooong last - IL POSTINO. I started downloading it Saturday afternoon and almost didnt believe it'd get done when I left my laptop while it was at it until tonight and wohoooooo! Un-fucking-believable.

"What came first the music or the misery?" Plus, plus, a bonus - HIGH FIDELITY. One of my all-time-favorite-i've-watched-too-many-a-times movies. Dang. I love this film. And I can't believe I haven't even read the book.

I'm watching it right now. 'Loooove it. And I had a light-bulb moment just this past instant: I think my favorite actor really is John Cusack. (Move over, Brad Pitt.) The guy's a cutie and he does cool movies, cool roles, which makes him hot.

And oh yah, the IL POSTINO? It's a Spanish movie. Spanish-language. And my downloaded copy? No subtitles, of course. I guess you really couldn't have your cake and eat it, too.

But I will. I'm gonna learn Spanish - not. I'll download the subtitles. Meanwhile, I'm just gonna delight on the fact that I have a copy of IL POSTINO. That's enough, for now. Woohoooooo!

Pablo Neruda. You're a genius!


  1. for that, give me a copy of each!!! pleasseee??? moving out gifts? please!!!! weheee!z

  2. waaaah! me too, me too! please, please, please?

    miss our movie marathons.

  3. tey, ale sa...

    kitte, yah... *sigh*

  4. kitte, kaw pud, ale sa... hehe