Summer Splash

(Cover Design and Text by Me. Photos by Ryan Macalandag)

Summer must go on. Rain or shine.

But now that the splendor of summer sunshine has finally crept from behind the clouds, the downpours which threatened of a wet ‘dry season’, now all but intermittent drizzles, or perhaps mere mirages in the seething heat – summer, as we know it, is definitely on.
Pleasures abound in this island paradise we call home, the Bol-anon summertime itinerary should be as profuse.

This summer, seize a waterfall.

Mag-aso Falls in Antequera might be the most accessible from the city, but the must-visit: Bohol’s highest drop of frothy white water, Candijay’s Can-umantad Falls.

Getting there might entail light trekking onto rolling hillsides and a bustling river leading up to the foot of the Can-umantad, but it’s all worth it. When feathery mists start touching your searing skin, while still scrambling the last tricky hurdles towards base of the falls, the only recourse is to succumb to nature’s majesty.

An encounter with a towering waterfall is an exercise of veneration towards a power that’s beyond us. You look up, spread your arms, close your eyes, and be drenched and cleansed with the waters from heaven.

And you’ll believe, Bohol is paradise.

Other waterfall attractions spread throughout Bohol are the Inambacan Falls in Antequera, Kawasan Falls and Niluksoan Falls in Balilihan, Camugao Falls in San Isidro, Dimiao’s Twin Falls and Pahangog Twin Falls & Caverns, Kinahugan Falls in Jagna, Tontonan Falls in Loboc, and Kawasan Falls in Trinidad. You might want to seek the help of local adventure groups like the Divine Word Outdoor Club for the trickier falls adventure.

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