Mix Tapes Mix

Apparently, uso pa ang tape diri.

I saw a young lad peddle some Arabic (i presume) tapes in one stoplight. My boss's son's PSP has a tape adaptor. (I actually didn't know such thing existed. Well, now I know!) A local driver is playing late 90s tunes on his car stereo. Cool. Cooler still, from a casette tape. Which from the looks of it, may have actually come from that actual time too, late 90s. So tapes are quite long lasting. I should know, I still have my mix tapes stored in a shoe box somewhere at home, last time I tried them (last year), they still worked. (At least some did.)

Speaking of mix tapes, there's 2 movies I recently watched that hark back to that era. Adventureland (an 80s period film, so actual mix tapes are passed around) and Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (set today, so it's mix cd's). I might totally meander too far off with these films, so I'd better leave them for another post. I have to say though: I'm totally immersed in the Nick and Norah's soundtrack. So, there.

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