Speaking of screaming your lungs out...

I want to be able to do this.

Again. (?) I'm not sure if I did. Already. I think I might have. Yeah. I should've.

Anyway, this scene in Garden State is like amongst my fave. When I saw that, I was like, "Yeah, I want to do that." Right now. I remember blogging about this in one of my earlier blogs (emo-ish, and back when emo was actually undergound not this eww pophenomenon. The feel of this film for me I recall was like wading in icy cold marsh water, through a thick blanket of fog. I dunno where that image came from. But something like that, the sensation was. Burning+freezing cold. A bitter yearning. This song streaming in in my head: "if i could be like that, i'd give anything. just to live one day. in those shoes."

Oookay. I so need to watch this film again. And right now.