Tonight's Philippic

Don't you wish you could just snap one day and actually say what you mean. Like to that person next to you, talking shit, talking you to take this crap and you just smile and let him because you're polite, you've been brought up that way, and you snap, fuck that. Fuck this shitty business of being good and feeling shit about it. You see him eye to eye for once and sternly, without batting an eyelash, say: shut the fuck up. I'm not taking any of all your shit anymore. You think you're cool? Newsflash you ain't. And you ain't fuckin gonna be. Hell no. Hell never. So please just get your fat ass off of my face. I don't like you. I don't like people like you. With all your misspelled words, grammatical errors and phoney American accents. Fuck. And that music you're playing? Not crap. But you're making it as shitty as yourself. How dare you? How dare you destroy those masterful anthems of rock, you bastard. Just shut the fuck up. Don't ever ever effin' talk to me ever ever again. Disappear. Be gone. Damn.

Haha. Of course, I couldn't do that. I mean not as harshly. And so the fury keeps building and building up. An implosion coming up. Damn.

P.S. Yes. I'm crazy.

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