It's me. Not The Master.

I'm on a quest. 

I have tons of unwatched films in my external hard disk. I'm out of HD space and have to delete the movies, pronto. 

I must watch more nearly ten, probably more, movies within the week. Movie marathon? Perfect! But there's a reason why these films remain unwatched. They're not the easy types. I have this thing. I have to be in a certain place, mood, to immerse myself into these movies. Mostly disturbing. Emotionally. Them that need some sort of participating from the viewer. And it's highly likely -- they're boring. 

Take, The Master. By Paul Thomas Anderson. Stellar cast. Oscar-nominated performances by Joaquin Phoenix, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Amy Adams.

I almost wanted to quit half-way through. I'm not a fan of Joaquin, plus I don't get the slouching, but he's a good actor, I know. But I can't root for him here. Freddie. I can't root for him. Or anyone on this film. I don't care for not one, and I need that to interest me, sustain me through the end. Plus I'm sleepy. 

But I saw the end to it, alright. I totally understand why it's considered to be the top films of 2012. But just not on my list. 

It's me. Not The Master.

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  1. i can't even begin to watch it liz.i feel like i need enough time and mental preparedness.hehe