Finally! Paypal Access Restored

After months of nearly feverish appeals to the PayPal Compliance  Department, my account access has been restored - finally.

The limitation they imposed was unfortunate. The requirements for certification as a non-profit organization, illogical,  considering my account was a personal account. Anyway, that's water under the bridge now. 

I only had like USD50 on my account. (A donation sent by a friend for my our arts collective, whose amount I've already shelled out of my pocket months back.) I almost gave up and wanted to cancel my account altogether. 

But then this email, today. Of course, I had to withdraw the amount almost immediately. I might just give up on PayPal very soon. The hassle was just too much. 

Now with less than USD5 left. I would't feel as bad if every I decide to be done with it. 

But thank you PayPal, you've restored my trust in you, almost. Almost.

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