Happy 15th, Google!

This is a fun game!

Google turned 15 on September 4.

Fifteen years ago, in 1998, I was a college freshman in UP-Diliman, barely knew how to use Microsoft Word, and had absolutely no idea how to use the Internet. My older brother had to help me set up my first email account. (I'm not sure if it was Eudoramail or Yahoo! I know, it's no longer active.)

Some bloopers (in both computer & internet use) I can recall:

  • We had free internet use at the UP Main Lib. The default homepage was the UP website. I couldn't find the box where you input the website URL. I ended up spending my 30 minutes, just browsing through the links in the UP website.
  • I didn't know of the undo button in Word. I accidentally erased a whole paragraph in the class report I was writing. I typed the thing all over again.
Obviously,  I'm better with computers and the Internet now. In 1999, I already began making my own websites with GeoCities, got hooked with crazy personalized emails and was a regular mIRC chatroom lurker. 

When Google become known hereabouts, I instantly liked it streamlined, minimalist look -- as opposed to Yahoo!'s clutter.

Google "Google in 1998" and you get Google nostalgia

I love most everything Google. I blog with Blogger. I email with GMail, Google Earth, Google Maps. I'm an Android fan. And I love that they're the coolest company ever.

Google's first tweet was "I'm feeling lucky" -- in binary!

Just last Monday, I joined my first Google Community event, particularly a local Google Mapmakers event. I think I'm gonna get a hang of map-making in Google.

More fun things about Google here in this Guardian piece: "Google's 15th birthday: 15 things you didn't know".

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