High School Never Ends. It haunts you, on and on. And on.

One of the first people (outside my family) I got to meet after I arrived home were my high school classmates. It just so happened that there was something goin' on the day after I arrived in Tagbilaran, the fiesta of Maribojoc, to be precise, and so, why the heck not?

People have been reconnecting via Facebook for a while and so when the opportunity to gather up came, that being, the coming home of the esteemed newly ordained Fr. Ferdie, the linchpin of the group, really - it was a series of get-together's that just kept on coming.

It was Maribojoc's patron saint's Feast Day. He's St. Vincent or Vicente, hence, the Inting-Inting Festival, we got a chance to watch at the tail-end before dinnertime.

Hello, pork.As promised, I broke my 2-year fast from red meat. I got out alive and mostly sane, right?

This, thanks to our most gracious host, Aning & her little one. (Aning's was only the 2nd house for some of us actually, who were already there in Maribojoc for lunch at Roxanne's.)

And then we were off to our second house for the night, Rey's. Nobody's turning down the second supper.

A few drinks here and there...

... and then some...

We think we've changed, we're now priests, doctors, architects, nurses, teachers, accountants, executives - we're all still the same.

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