Today, we all leap into a ring of fire.

It's Election Day. My list, so far, populates only Risa Hontiveros, my senator, and Akbayan for Partylist.

I'm leaning towards yellow, I am, after all, wearing a yellow baller band right now etched with: The Filipino is worth dying for. I hesitate but I look at the other choices and wince. It seems that I have no other choice. And I stand by it.

I'm not impressed with NoyNoy particularly, never was. Mar slightly did at one point. But their platform: A Social Contract with the Filipino People and the people who's gonna be there to help ensure that as much of these will be accomplished in the next 6 years, that may have done it for me. We'll all make sure of that.

Today is just Election Day. Tomorrow and onwards, will be much much tougher days.

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