Camiguin Flash Trip

There's something mystical and enchanting about Camiguin. A visit on this island borne of fire never fails to fascinate me. It still has this virginal, mysterious and refreshing aura to it that draws us into its rugged, yet enticing arms.

And so, when LifestyleBohol's Sonieta, invited my to join the LB team in a Camiguin trip, without hesitation,  I jumped into chance of visiting the island again. This was a sponsored experience by the Bahay Bakasyunan Sa Camiguin, where we were to be billeted and be toured in the island provinces popular attractions.

The target  is to market the Bohol-Camiguin tourism route, with trips from the revitalized Jagna-Camiguin have become regular and twice daily (one fast craft and one Ro-Ro vessel). This certainly is more convenient, since in our trip back in 2004, we had to go by the CDO route. 

A Camiguin trip always satisfies yet you feel you're not satiated enough. A promise of a return is requisite. Or never leave.

We were totally awestruck with this island in our first visit back in 2004, it stirred in us the most productive creative musings yet. IMHO. Like so.

Waterfall Dreams

I wish for the day my body could stretch towards you
Cascading and gushing to meet me halfway
Where we could collide in harmony
Me, the awkward mermaid
You, the adept blue torrent

I long for that moment that I could wade into your world, at last
See you reel your downy squall
At me, already conjuring up images of a clash that promises the ethereal

Perhaps, the torrents of the river could, one day, carry me to you
I shall choose to traverse this way, then

And wait
Then hope

That the harried lull will sap my spirits, then, shove me
To the yawning green-blue-black abyss
I must paddle my untrained limbs through or swallow up
To get me to the snowy-misty-miasma-of-a-bliss

You, ardently tumbling down at me
Me, spreading my arms wide up at you

Like last night’s dream
Like tonight’s nightmare

-  Camiguin Island, April 2004

[Wanna come with, back to Camiguin, yezzz? My lolo, Mom's father is from here. In Sagay. He's not visited for a very long time. We're still hoping we could reconnect with relatives there. So this could also be my claim to fame, that I have Camiguin blood in me.]

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