Me, talking about the inefficiency of the first automated elections is needless really. I mean, too much has been said already. It was awful, awful, awful. They should make it truly automated next time, touch screen and shit. But put some sort of mechanism for a hard copy/print out that the voter can inspect before it's sealed. Because we are terribly skeptical that way, there has to be something that can be counted manually.

So we were lining up, waiting for our turn, intermittent rain showers on the side, muddy pathways all over, which got us really hungry, at least hungry for something, hungry to get the hell out of there - so we did, swore to get back and went off to some place where we can eat. 

Painit bisan arang inita jamo!

Enter Jojie's Painitan. At the new Tagbilaran City Square where the former Agora aka public market (where painitan's or native snack counters abounded) stood before it was razed in a huge fire back in the early 90's.

The food that we ordered - bingka, puto kutsinta, binignit, puto na bugas, the sikwate - were good like they should be. I mean that's local merienda fare, it makes sense to make them delicious, yeah? But the way the food were displayed in the istante killed the theme, IMHO. Oh well, you can't have it all.

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