I'm Eating Red Meat Again!

Just had to let that out in the open. 

I actually swore in front of friends that once I get to the Philippines, man, am I chowing down on all the greasy pork and red meat what-not's that I could. True fact.

A little history: I've been depriving myself from red meat for almost 3 years running, just because. No mean feat for someone who isn't exactly a fan of vegetables, which means chicken, seafoods and more chicken.

There's no political, spiritual or some other profound basis for that red-meat-less choice, so I could pretty much revert back without remorse. Which I did, without hesitation. (Actually, I was forced to because at the fiesta, everything laid on the table was pork, I had little choice. So why the hell not.) There.

I'm eating pork, beef, mutton, red meat again. Big deal.